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What drives us? The thing we prize most…

While you can expect to see our people and trucks helping you make the transition to new surroundings, we bring you something else that may not be as obvious – heritage. Since 1904, our drivers deeply care that your move goes smoothly because we deeply care about our drivers.

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Since 1904

Five generations ago our family-owned company, Golden Van Lines, was formed and it has been serving families with a total commitment to their well-being ever since.

This commitment to you means we ensure quality in everything we do. As a result, we are among a select few in the Atlas family distinguished by the company’s ultimate measure of excellence, the Milt Hill Quality Award. As a frequent recipient, we are known for exceptional customer satisfaction, outstanding estimating accuracy, low claims ratios, and a superior record of safety.

But as nice as it may be to receive awards, what we prize most is knowing that we have given you the quality service you expect from a company with the name “Golden.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide every family with a Golden Experience. We seek to exceed customer expectations on every move. Our Golden Van Lines team is trained, ready, and committed to providing the best moving and storage experience.

We work out every detail from providing an initial quote to pack up and removal post-move.

Our moving solutions are efficient and effective because we leverage the latest best-of-breed technologies, passionate team members, and Atlas infrastructure.

Our Golden Heritage


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Your men were outstanding. It was an excellent move. They couldn’t have been nicer and were terrific in every way. Thank you so much.

Carolyn C.

The van operator did a fabulous job! He is friendly, professional, efficient, reliable and full of positive energy. I trusted him immediately. I feel very fortunate that he was the one to actually move our goods.

Jeni M.

After living in Longmont for over 32 years, we somewhat unexpectedly decided to move to Missouri. We were stressed about the move and really didn’t know how it was all supposed to work. From the first phone call I made until the final box was put in our new home, the folks at Golden Van Lines took incredible care of us.

Larry S.

Truly, not all movers are created equal. Although we were moving from our house of 31 years in Broomfield to Littleton, we hired Golden Van Lines out of Longmont due to a great word of mouth recommendation. Moving can certainly cause a lot of stress and anxiety but hiring a professional mover like Golden Van Lines helped to lower our stress level when we saw how they handled the move for us. I would suggest contacting them and asking Kevin to come out and give you an estimate even if you live in the Denver metro area. Their customer service was the best!

Barb O.

John Mander and his team were phenomenal. They were on time, incredibly respectful and helped me move furniture within the new house to get things set right (a couple of moves to get there). Having Brenda, his wife, at the house made things so smooth for me: I was able to have someone help me unpack the kitchen and talk through the overall flow of the house. Fantastic job by everyone – I’d highly recommend John and his team to anyone.

Lauren M.

John and his team(s) all provided excellent customer service, everyone was very personable making our move a great experience. Timely communication throughout the move, the entire team was very attentive and careful during both the packing and unpacking phase. Appreciated the attention to detail and heads up on some more critical items that helped to make this move a success. This was our second move cross country and by far the best experience.

Brad S.

Golden Van Lines moved my parents into a senior living apartment in June and did a fabulous job! Great crew, treating my parents belongings with extreme care and were great with them in a very stressful time in their life. Very personal service and I would not ever hesitate to use them again!

Diana W.

We just completed a cross country move from Longmont, CO to Charlotte, VT. We were matched with Alan Parks as our driver and the team he hired, to pack and load our belongings, was great! They treated our things with care and concern. They asked questions for clarification and were respectful of our home. Alan stayed in contact with us during the week of transportation across country and hired another good group of movers to unload everything. The office staff in Longmont, John and Nikki, have also been wonderful to work with. They were responsive in answering my questions and did a good job explaining the whole process. We were so lucky to have Alan and his team move us across the country.

Karen E.

I would like to thank Golden Van Lines for a wonderful job they performed for my daughters move home! I am from Indiana and my husband And I made the trip to help with the move. The driver, John Mander was not only Professional, cordial, kind, efficient and caring with their household items, he was so nice to all of us! Golden is AWESOME!!! God bless!!!!!

Fran T.
Top notch. Two rockstars showed up on time, efficiently packed multiple floors and safely delivered everything to our new house with NO damage what so ever. Totally professional, personable and timely. While I don’t enjoy moving, I enjoyed doing it with Golden Van Lines.
Derrick E.